Grup Peralada receives a new certificate for its casinos

The occupational health and safety auditing company Full Audit awarded the COVID-19 Responsible Management Certificate to Grup Peralada's casinos.

The operator received recognition after the approval of its safety protocols in the face of the pandemic. According to the auditing company, the Gran Casino de Barcelona,, the Casino Castillo de Peralada, and the Casino de Tarragona meet the optimum health and safety conditions necessary for the current situation.

The evaluated protocols include the measurement of temperature with thermometers in all the accesses, computer control of the capacity, the separation between machines and tables, separation screens between machines and in all the gaming areas, application of protective film in the manipulable parts of the gaming machines, adequate signaling to respect the distance between people, the disinfection of cards and chips and the natural and forced ventilation, among others.

The CEO of Grup Peralada, Javier Carrasco, assured us that the company is "totally committed to safety." He also stressed that the company's main objective is that its customers can have the maximum biosafety guarantees to be able to enjoy their gaming experience.

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