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Security. When talking about casinos and gambling, that word comes up as the first point of attention, doesn't it? We all know how much fun online casinos can be, but it is very important to know where you are putting your money in a bet. For us, responsibility is about choosing an authorized site that offers secure payment methods. That's why we insist on Betsson's qualifications!

Our intention is first of all to have fun, of course, but we cannot forget about responsibility. We at Betsson always encourage the gambler to play wisely. Spending beyond your limits can cause problems for you and the people around you. On the Betsson website you can set your own limits and budgets. We partner with the Global Gaming Guidance Group (G4), which offers the player certain tools to prevent corrosive behavior. In addition, Betsson has a global Responsible Gaming team, which has its work and processes audited annually by independent international organizations, such as eCogra and ISO. We do not abdicate responsibility for bringing information to our players about the dynamics of betting, on site In all the brands we operate, we offer a combination of tools augmented by rigorous processes to minimize the risks of gambling.

Among these tools we can mention


You can choose a period of between 24 hours and 6 months to deactivate your account, and under no circumstances can you reactivate it during that time.


With Self-Assessment, the customer has an online test at his disposal to evaluate if he has any problems with the game.

Time Notification

The platform interrupts the user to constantly notify him of the time he has spent playing. He can only resume playing if he consents to the warning.

Deposit limits

Right when logging into the Betsson website the user can set daily, weekly or monthly deposit limits. This protects the consumer from spending more than their income allows.

Prevention with data science

Betsson uses data science to submit customers with atypical behavior to other prevention tools.

Best casinos

We are recognized for our work and initiative at the forefront of Responsible Gambling, we were honored as the Safest Betting House of the year by the International Gaming Awards 2021 and as the Operator with the most achievements in Socially Responsible Sports Betting by the International SBC Awards 2021. Gambling Responsibility. That's a motto we've followed since the beginning of Betsson. That's why it is no exaggeration to say that our intention is first and foremost your enjoyment, but that we never forget about responsibility.

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